~Totally Awful All The Time~
So in my house, if you don’t lock the bathroom door before getting in the shower, Kukri will push open the door and steal your underwear…then run into the living to try and hide it….I caught her this time.

So in my house, if you don’t lock the bathroom door before getting in the shower, Kukri will push open the door and steal your underwear…then run into the living to try and hide it….I caught her this time.

Okay those pictures of me got a lot of notes, really fast………………….Maybe the headband….isn’t THAT ridiculous…………………but maybe I should not….wear it in public if this is the case.

Look at this ridiculous headband I bought at Hot Topic today cause it matched my dress.

Anyone watchin’ The Daily Show?

Was that the decapitated head of Benedict Cumberbatch that Jon just pulled out of his desk?

I just got home, I am exhausted, and driving home it started to storm…in a very strange way….there was no thunder and no breaks between lighting flashes….like half a second between lightening strikes for the entire last 10 minutes of the drive…it was terrifying.

I’m at the mall for the first time in forever…and I must be really unaware of what is in fashion right now cause I’m seeing 70’s style onepiece suits and parachute pants…..did I…fall back in time? Mom picked up things specifically to take hilarious selfies in.

So Moore just came over to drop off my purse (cause I’m a huge nerd and left it at his place like a week ago.) and Sophie got out the front door….so I had to tear across the yard with no shoes on, in a dress to catch her before the neighbor dog got her….So I’m pretty tired now….Oh! and 2500 gallons of water is comin up in the yard, I just found that out….it’s pretty bad.

Oh and then we went in the garage to look at the cats…but there were these weird masks everywhere and the thing we thought was a betamax tape was actually the backup drive for an old business computer of hers from the late 80’s….so that’s why we didn’t know what it was.
Okay I gotta leave the house now~ I’ll be on later~

Look at this cute necklace I’ve had since I was 9.

Look at this cute necklace I’ve had since I was 9.

I'm sorry your birthday was lousy so it's been resceduled to Thursday we hope you can make it but you didn't do anything wrong ⊚⃝⸜(ू´•͈ω•͈⑅) People like to blow things way out of proportion and you're not objectifying anyone or putting them down but(๑•́ ω •̀๑) I hope you feel better really soon miss squid

HAHAHA XD Oh my gosh, did you really just reschedule my birthday? That is hilarious, oh my god, if only I could have had birthday do-overs earlier in life…I was once half an hour late to my own party and some people had to leave….and after that I fell down a hill into the creek that had mystery run off and was literally hosed down before I could open presents…..but none of us want to be 11 again.
Thank you so much for the well wishes, I’m trying to hold out on crying till mom goes to bed and won’t ask me questions about it, but all the sweet things in my inbox are making it hard XD.

Sorry guys, I had to turn off anon.
So I guess if you wanna say anything to me…………mean or nice…ya gotta show your name for a bit.
Sorry, I’ll turn it back on later.

no one said there was anything inherently wrong with thin people drawing fat characters or being sexually attracted to fat people? you're twisting words to make yourself look like a victim. the problem is when fat people are reduced to *just* their fat: ‘how much bigger can their belly get? how much more can they eat before they get sick? how much more weight can they gain?' which is exactly what most of your fat art fixates on. stop acting like you're some kind of body pozzie hero for that junk

Once again, you are mixing stuffing…which is an ENTIRELY different focus, with weight stuff. I do draw stuffing and bloating as fetish art….very little of my art that features a bigger person is focused on the fact that they are bigger…usually…it’s just the type of body that character has…and you are interpreting it sexual. I’ve not twisted anything anyone has said, I’m just responding to what you see the problem as being.
In all honesty, I am not really into excessive weight gain as a fetish. It is not actually a kink of mine, I don’t mind that people draw it and it’s none of my business if some people practice it. 
I actually completely understand the problem you see with this sort of thing being sexualized…..But I believe that you would have a better argument if you focused on one of the many many MANY artists on ANY given art site that allows pornographic drawings that sometimes quite literally DOES dehumanize and humilate heavy people (many using actual photographs)….Because there are people who do that kind of thing, specifically as a way to demean and humiliate women.
If you want a cause to fight for then fight the people who are actually going out of their way to hurt people with what they draw….half a second on Rule34 will show you what that looks like……Don’t go after the people who are just drawing a body type outside of their own…Because it’s not sexual just because it doesn’t match the artists body, and if you can ONLY see it as such you should probably reevaluate a few things in you own perception.

And for the record, I don’t think I’m a hero. I think I’m just some shut-in on the internet, drawing shit day in and day out and having people take it waaaaaaay too seriously.

…today….didn’t go great, huh XD?
I’m sorry you guys, I’ve just been perpetuating this ignorance by acknowledging it.
I may try to just…take some benadyl and see if I can’t just…sleep till I’m 25 and see if I handle things better then XD.

I personally find it offensive that someone who is fat can't be portrayed in a sexual light without it being labeled as fetishistic. I don't know what weird brand of activism these people subscribe to, but if they think they are speaking for all over weight people in this they are dead wrong.


My net crashed before I could answer this…

What is even happening today.

You don’t have any obligation to anybody, especially on your birthday. Your only obligation is to you. Have you eaten anything good today? Do what makes you feel good. Reward yourself for being you. I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true

……I haven’t eaten at all today actually…………I thought about buying something for myself online…but I don’t need anything and there’s nothing I really want either……………There’s no new tf2 fics on A3O that I want to read, and no new general kink fics that I HAVEN’T read so……………I guess I’ll just……hmmmm…maybe…play Text Twist and watch/listen to Parks n Rec again….that’s something.
I definitely won’t try to argue with anyone else today, that’s for sure XD.