~Totally Awful All The Time~
I’m unhappy and I’ve been unhappy for a while now.

I’m sick of being guilted into saying things that people want me to say in order to save their feelings….and I’m sick of this happening in so many different situations in my life.
And I’m just getting to point that I’m not able to hide it anymore.

  1. bravinto said: I think, when you feel like this for a long time, probably it means that it’s time to make some big changes in your life.
  2. ask-fruitloop said: I’m glad you speak your mind, it doesn’t bother me. Though it may bother others, it makes me want to speak my mind. You are an inspiration and a talented artist :3 (And I really hope things start getting better.)
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  4. trydianth said: Need an internet hug?
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  6. thegriffin88 said: I’m at that point with my extended family on my Father’s side. I’ve already warned my parents that I’m not holding back the next time I’m around them. I approve of stopping all the bullshit and telling it like it is.
  7. ginfortune said: join the unhappy club, a billion members and counting.
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    When saying anything you run the risk of offending someone, do not worry about their feelings, just say what is on your...
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